How to Generate Betting Traffic Efficiently in 2020?

How to Generate Betting Traffic Efficiently in 2020?

The high popularity of sports and the rapid development of the sportsbook market has made betting one of the most profitable and promising areas of affiliate marketing. Nowadays, more and more webmasters and arbitrage specialists are trying to explore this niche.

Nevertheless, only affiliates who take a proper approach to the selection of an affiliate program, know all the intricacies of this sector and use all of the necessary tools can succeed in promoting betting offers.

Let’s figure out the key features of betting and traffic generation of betting shop offers.

Affiliate marketing in betting: core peculiarities

Affiliate marketing in betting

Webmasters and arbitrage experts engaged in the betting niche promote offers of betting companies accepting wagers on the outcome of sports competitions and events of other sectors, e.g. politics, movies or show business.

One of the main betting advantages includes the possibility to gain a high profit by driving event traffic. Prior to major or significant competitions, for instance, the FIFA World Cup or the Champions League final, people start showing a greater interest in wagering for money. Affiliates can substantially multiply their income during such periods. To achieve this goal, it is crucial to initiate the activity of betting offer promotion and traffic generation.

Advertising restrictions are another nuance that should be taken into account by affiliates promoting betting shops. With sports betting being considered a game of chance in some countries, bets and their popularization are forbidden. Other jurisdictions have restrictions on betting company advertising. Therefore, one can face difficulties when working with certain GEO and traffic sources. For example, Google permits gambling advertising only if it corresponds to local laws, industry standards and a range of rules.

How to generate betting traffic?

How to generate betting traffic

To start earning on betting platform promotion, webmasters or arbitrage specialists should register in an affiliate program or СРА network and choose an appropriate offer. Afterwards, affiliates publish promo materials and referral links to various online platforms. The primary goal of each partner is to drive as much high-quality traffic as possible on the betting shop website. If attracted users conduct a required desired action on the bookmaker’s platform, an affiliate will receive a money reward.

Different betting providers have affiliate programs nowadays: William Hill, 10Bet, bet365, Betfair, Betfred etc. Affiliates can simultaneously cooperate with several affiliate programs to obtain a higher profit.

To promote betting websites, affiliates require high-quality creatives. The following types of promo materials can be used in betting operations:

  • banners;

  • landing pages;

  • widgets;

  • specialized articles;

  • images and videos;

  • interactive materials;

  • pre-rolls etc.

Despite the high importance of promo materials, they can be inefficient if the advertising activity is aimed at the wrong target audience. Therefore, webmasters and arbitrage experts should understand the profile of a potential bettor.

The core betting audience is considered to be high-school-educated and university-educated men interested in sports. Women also place bets on sports, but quite rarely.

All betting shop customers can be divided into professionals and newcomers. The first ones constantly examine statistics, monitor team results and design their own betting strategies. People who have recently joined the betting world frequently make wagering decisions based on intuition and relying on luck. At the same time, they seek paid advice of cappers or examine available forecasts. Players of the second category can be attracted by bonuses, special offers and major events.

Affiliates should monitor market changes and sports news to succeed in the betting niche. This information can be useful when developing creatives or promoting alternative wagering directions.

For example, a lot of countries enforced a quarantine because of the coronavirus in 2020. Thus, one has started cancelling or postponing matches and championships while betting providers have reduced betting lines. Keeping up with such market changes, affiliates can redirect user attention to alternative wagering areas, e.g. esports, virtual sports or fantasy sports, in order to gain more benefits.

How to choose an affiliate program?

How to choose an affiliate program

Selecting an affiliate program, you should take into account the following nuances:

  • financial cooperation conditions. Advertisers most frequently apply two pay-off models: СРА and RevShare. The first format implies payment for action, for instance, registration of the first deposit. In the second case, bookmakers provide partners with a part of their profit obtained from attracted customers. At the same time, each affiliate program independently establishes a fee for affiliates;

  • the popularity and reliability of a promoted brand. Betting shops that are familiar to everybody, enjoy an excellent reputation and make payments immediately are highly sought-after among bettors;

  • traffic restrictions. Some affiliate programs accept traffic from all over the world while others impose certain restrictions. Paddy Power does not provide services to players from more than 30 jurisdictions, including the USA, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus etc. Therefore, the company’s affiliate program does not accept traffic from a range of countries;

  • a catalog of promo materials. A lot of advertisers provide affiliates with all required materials for betting offer promotion. Some sportsbooks allow partners to develop their own creatives;

  • feedback and reviews. Before registering in a certain program, examine feedback from affiliates who have already collaborated with it. It can be found on specialized forums. Reviews are available on gambling, betting and affiliate marketing websites. The analysis of feedback and reviews will allow you to assess the reliability of an affiliate program from different perspectives.

Not only schemes of working with affiliates should be considered when selecting offers. You should also pay attention to such an aspect as the attractiveness of a betting shop for players. It is referred to a valid license, the width of betting lines, the number of available payment tools, bonuses etc.

Users can click on your referral link and enter the betting shop website. However, if they find this platform uninteresting, they will unlikely become its customers. They will close the website page and look for other betting resources. If attracted users fail to conduct a certain desired action, e.g. do not make the first deposit, affiliates won’t gain any profit.

Traffic sources for betting operations

Traffic sources for betting operations

One of the advantages of working in the betting niche is a huge amount of traffic sources. To engage users in bookies’ websites, one applies contextual advertising, content websites, social media, messengers, app stores, teaser services, push networks etc.

Given below are the top 4 traffic sources allowing affiliates to obtain hive revenues.

Websites with different specialized content

Betting offers are promoted on news and analytical resources, sports websites, or forecast platforms by publishing ad banners, reviews and other promotional materials.

A lot of webmasters develop their own websites to generate traffic. Arbitrage specialists without personal online resources also can use this source when working with affiliate programs. They have to find content websites that do not advertise betting services and agree with their owners on placing banners and affiliate links on their platform for a specified fee.

Social media

Main platforms allowing to receive as much traffic as possible include Facebook and Instagram. Choosing proper approaches to work with these resources, you can eventually gain high profits.

Social media groups or personal pages are created to promote betting offers. They publish specialized materials, for instance, sports forecasts, announcements of major competitions, or match fragments. Moreover, advertising on third-party pages and in specific communities can result in traffic afflux.

Teaser networks

Teaser networks are efficient in case of utilizing auxiliary tools. In particular, affiliates should apply trackers to monitor traffic. This means services allowing to control the efficiency of advertising campaigns, separate traffic and direct it to various offers, conduct A/B testing and so on.

Besides, one recommends designing blacklists when cooperating with teaser networks. Such lists contain websites with poor-quality websites.


If you have your own YouTube channel, it can be used to promote betting shop offers. You can publish tips on betting earnings, reviews of sports competitions and other themed videos there.

Affiliates promote sportsbook offers on third-party video channels as well. Thus, they agree on advertising integration with video bloggers.


Cooperating with affiliate programs of betting shops, affiliates are able to earn large incomes. To succeed in this kind of activity, you should constantly test new traffic sources, experiment with bundles and creatives, as well as keep up with the core trends in the СРА market and betting industry.


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