What I Enjoy Most About Marketing Is that There Is No Rule – Only Tactics: Harry Lang, Co-founder of Brand Architects

What I Enjoy Most About Marketing Is that There Is No Rule – Only Tactics: Harry Lang, Co-founder of Brand Architects

Harry Lang, a co-founder of Brand Architects, tells Betting in face of COVID-19 about his work with major global gambling brands and anti-crisis betting strategies.

Harry has 13 years of online gaming experience. He has provided marketing services to such top companies as bwin, Party Casino, Pinnacle Casino, Party Poker, Puntt.gg, Cheeky Bingo, Pinnacle eSports and CS:GO Empire.

Interviewer: Betting in face of COVID-19 (BifoCOVID-19)

Respondent: Harry Lang (H. L.)

BifoCOVID-19: How did your career in the gambling industry begin? Why did you choose this sphere?

H. L.: I joined an advertising agency straight from university and latterly moved into leadership roles in the online gambling space. What I enjoy most about marketing is that there is no rule – only tactics – and creativity plays a significant role in how you define everything from strategy to execution across a number of channels.

It’s similar to being a Chef – the quality of ‘ingredients’ and the way you blend them is the difference between a gourmet meal and an unpalatable mess. As tastes, channels and regulations are always changing, you always have to be prepared to relearn your skills.

BifoCOVID-19: You’ve been heading marketing verticals at some of the largest global gambling companies. What experience at bwin, The Rank Group plc and Pinnacle Sports do you consider to be the most valuable?

H. L.: Collaboration, determination and simple hard work seem to have served me pretty well to date. Plus, I can’t express enough how important it is to motivate your team, especially as you move into more senior positions of responsibility.

BifoCOVID-19: Please tell us about your Brand Architects agency. What are its specialties?

H. L.: Brand Architects is a strategic marketing, acquisition and brand consultancy. I offer clients a brutally honest appraisal of their marketing capabilities then recommend the most effective strategies, campaigns and tactics they can employ to optimize performance against KPIs such as acquisition, conversion and retention of new customers.

Sometimes I work on a short contract to fix one specific problem, other times I’m embedded as an interim Marketing Director to work across the whole marketing landscape for a longer period. I enjoy both equally.

BifoCOVID-19: You’ve provided your consulting services to the major gambling companies. What are some of them?

H. L.: I was embedded at Genting Casinos between 2018-2019. More recently, I worked for compliance service provider Rightlander and esports skin betting site CSGOEmpire. Besides, I spent three months with esports player betting site Puntt.gg to build their brand architecture, launch marketing strategy and creative assets.

BifoCOVID-19: In your opinion, how important is it for betting providers to develop non-sports betting lines during the pandemic?

H. L.: It’s beyond essential. With no sports on we’re already seeing the effects on ‘sports first’ operators and B2B providers. Thus, without a crystal ball to tell us when pro sports will be back online, it’s vital for operators to seek out alternative verticals to try and replace lost revenue. Most are set up with casino, bingo or virtual products so it’s more a case of focusing marketing and CRM attention on cross sell and player migration campaigns.

BifoCOVID-19: Could you give some successful crisis management examples from the global betting companies during the coronavirus pandemic?

H. L.: Many of the larger regulators operators have read the room well and looked after employees, communicated clearly and quickly with customers and the media. They focused attention on other product verticals whilst trying to minimize losses on sports betting. Paddy Power has used its vast social network very smartly with lighthearted events and the charity Virtual Grand National has raised money for NHS staff.

BifoCOVID-19: What will you talk about at Betting in face of COVID-19?

H. L.: I’ll be looking at the state of online betting during the current pandemic, revealing how sports betting operators could recover losses after the inactivity, as well as analysing the opportunity for esports betting and the hypothetical future, namely what the post-Coronavirus betting world might look like.

Harry will speak at Betting in face of COVID-19 online conference on April 17. Join the event to listen to his presentation.

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